ZAKTi Fitness Studio


ZAKTi (meaning Energy Strength Power and Potential in sanskrit) is Pete’s architectural approach on Building your Best Body and Lifestyle.

ZAKTi provides you with all the tools you need to get and keep your body Strong, Fit and Graceful. Intelligently. Sustainably.


We Inspire individuals to:
1 Define Specific, Attainable, & Realistic Goals
2 Achieve Results
3 Maintain Commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Our scientifically proven techniques in Fitness + Yoga, Hands On Bodywork, and Nutritional Cleansing are all designed to reshape the way you think, move, and feel.

Look, Feel and Function better than you ever have TODAY; in 10; in 20; 30 years- and beyond. 

“Fitness is no longer simply about weight loss, creating a community of competitors, or making gyms cheap and accessible. It has evolved into educating oneself on how to operate with balance, confidence, and internal admiration in order to conquer the daily challenges and chaos of life.” – Conor Millstein, ZAKTeam

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