ZAKTi is an architectural approach to building your best body.

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Functional Movement

Functional training incorporates all planes of movement, muscle groups and joints that build core stabilization, balance, flexibility, and reach. You’ll improve mobility, posture, and breathing along with self-care techniques that can be applied to any sport or practice. Our 10 person class cap lets us provide individual attention and feedback to get you moving right. 

  • All levels. 50-minutes. First class free.
  • Unlimited group classes with a monthly membership
  • Class-Pass and everyone else are all welcome

Group Sessions


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Structural Bodywork

To get the most from your fitness plan, start with structural bodywork. Our hands-on treatments unlock your musculoskeletal system from the level of bone, realigning joints and muscles for restored mobility and resolved pain. Whether your goal is improved posture, increased mobility, or rehabilitation from injury, this clears the way toward re-educating your body to move more the way it’s supposed to: freely and in perfect alignment.

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Individual Sessions

Strength & Performance

Physical strength is the most important thing in life said Mark Rippetoe. While that’s certainly debatable, it’s no doubt a significant factor in performance—whether in the gym, the office, or the home.

Our diverse experience in sports, weight lifting, and performance training provide the tools to get you in top shape. Learn something new, refine something familiar, or push yourself to new levels you thought impossible for sport or every day living

Individual Sessions

Barbell Club


Nutrition & Lifestyle

We get out what we put in, and this goes for making good decisions for a healthy mind and body. We live and breathe lifestyle solutions that develop awareness, build new habits, and change the way we think about moving through everyday life. Unlock your potential for higher energy, mood, and a healthier you.

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