Mobility isn't just the newest trend in fitness, it's essential for all movement. It sets the stage for reach, flexibility, strength, power, and performance. A lack of mobility limits your freedom to move, to get things done, eventually causing discomfort, pain, and even injury. 

To achieve your range of motion, ZAKTi combines techniquies of myofascial release and biomechanics to unlock joints and relax muscles, creating space in your body, and building your potential to move unhindered. 

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Body Logic

To maximize the effectiveness of your fitness plan, start with Body Logic. This hands-on treatment unlocks your musculoskeletal system from the level of bone, realigning joints and muscles for restored mobility and resolved pain. We target all areas of the body including feet, knees, hips, torso, shoulders, head and neck, and hands and wrists. Whether your goal is improved posture, increased mobility, rehabilitation from injury, this begins re-educating your muscles to move more effortlessly, painlessly and logically. Move your body the way it is supposed to: freely and in perfect alignment. 

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Table Treatment

This is a hands-on treatment using specially designed massage balls. The practitioner works your body applying gentle traction out from joints down and around the massage balls. This stimulates and aligns bone and activates muscle resulting in greater range of motion in joints, a longer freer body, increased circulation and tone, and improved alignment.

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Yamuna Body Rolling

Body Rolling brings relief to muscle tightness and tension from poor repetitive motion in sitting and functional movement. We offer techniques and routines targeting different areas of the body by combining toning of muscle with the release of massage. Our Group Sessions and Individual Sessions cover how to apply pressure and release with Yamuna balls. You'll open your range of motion, improve alignment, and unlock better posture in all parts of the body.