"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."

John WOoden

Individual Sessions IMG

Whether you’re looking to run the Philadelphia Marathon, get after a weekend cycling class, or just make it up your third floor walk-up without pain, it’s important to understand our individual limitations in mobility, movement function, and conditioning. Success comes from being strong and fluent in the fundamentals.

Individual sessions start with understanding you. Our initial assessment identifies foot structure, gait, hip and torso mobility, range of motion, and posture along with your physical history, prior injuries, and lifestyle patterns. Biomechanics define how all joints work in particular patterns, and here we can detect optimal and suboptimal ways of moving through those joint patterns. Under load, our strength drills teach you to control that range of motion, while giving you objective, scalable progressions. Build a foundation of movement that you can take to the rest of your life, both in and outside the studio.