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Start With Why is a book and theory by Simon Sinek. Go watch the video for an inspiring revelation (it’s cool, I'll wait).

The idea is that by understanding our “why”—why we wake up each morning, why we pursue our dreams, why we push ourselves each day—is what ultimately resonates with others. People are inspired by a sense of purpose, and this precedes how or what we actually do. It’s not just a theoretical construct, but has a biological origin within the brain. Our purpose and direction is something we all must discover at some point.


Frozen In New York

I studied architecture at Syracuse, and so I am no stranger to the concepts of systems, structures, perspective, and alignment. From the structure of buildings to the structure of our musculoskeletal frames, there is precision and harmony to everything. And if not achieved, we feel “off” some way.

In my working life, I needed an outlet from being chained to a desk for 10 hour days, so I joined a gym, and continued on the common path of offsetting a poor diet and trying to look good for summer. I later joined a group aerobics class to cure the boredom of working out solo on the floor. When the teacher didn’t show up one day, I was asked (thanks Jeannie Hogan!) to lead the class. What followed was more teaching, certifications, conferences, seminars, and NASM… all leading to building intelligent training protocols for students.


I was constantly looking at others, assessing their imbalances, correcting those imbalances, and developing programs to get them on the right track towards better posture and improved performance. To this day, walking down the street is a challenging situation—I see every imbalance on every person with each step they take. And please, don’t get me started on runners. I don’t understand how half of them walk, hell, stand! for god’s sake… let alone RUN down the street.

My body/mind/flexibility training deepened when I stumbled onto alignment-based Yoga, bringing me back to my roots in the central principals of balance and alignment. Yoga was a perfect accompaniment to my strength/high-intensity/triathlon training… an active recovery session that settled the monkey mind. Score! But after a 7-day foot fitness training with my to-be mentor of six years, Yamuna, I put it all together. I realized the impact of my daily life—high intensity training, step aerobics, triathlons, boots with a 3′′ heel, and shoes with narrow toe boxes and too much padding—all left a negative effect on my “healthy lifestyle”.

It’s easy for anyone to begin exercising, but learning good practice first, before adding load or intensity, goes much farther than any other approach. And the more we think we know, the more potential damage increases in the long run.


Z! Approach

ZAKTi is the culmination of all these teachings and education over the past 30 years.

And this is not new. Many establishments bring these concepts to clients, but we bring it all together into one comprehensive fitness blueprint. Squatting might be a powerlifting move you like to avoid, but can the squat impact the way you pick things up off the floor each day? How can your squat add power your PSL softball swing? And once these concepts are incorporated into your being, into your lifestyle, you can apply these fundamentals to any other activity you choose. We don’t want to keep you in the gym—we want you to run that marathon, take that kickboxing class, wake up clear headed for the workday, and come home and keep up with the rest of your family, young and old.

Everyone Has A Why (And You’ll Need It To Succeed Here)

We all have reasons for doing what we do every day, but getting to the core of what gets us up in the morning is the game changing discovery. As a practitioner, I’ve found movement to be a liberating force that let’s me be the most of who I am; it gives me the ability to do anything I want at any time of day with strength, grace, and ease. And it releases me from the false belief that our best years are behind us. As a teacher, I’m blessed with the opportunity to bring my knowledge and experience to others so that you too can develop a healthy, functional, and fulfilling lifestyle.

Everyone that comes to ZAKTi has taken a first step in this self discovery process. We know there’s much more we can do with our lives, and with a little effort, it’s waiting just around the corner. It’s why you’re still reading this post. And each of us knows that improving our own lives will improve the lives of those around us, from our families to our community. But even if that goal isn’t clear at first, with a little openness and dedication, we can help you discover the path.

So come walk/lunge/roll/twist/dance/play with us as we all move to freedom.

Pete Mattis

Pete Mattis

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