Unlock Summer Workshops for the Urban Athlete

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Wednesday nights

7–8 pm


6/13  Body Assessments

6/20  Feet

6/27  KNees

7/11  Hips

7/18  Core

7/25  Lower Back

8/1  Mid Back

8/8  Upper Back

8/15  Shoulders

8/22  Hands + Wrists

8/29  FACE + JAw


Running marathons, hiking stairs, and biking to the Schuylkill are all actives we enjoy while living in the city. But these activities place stress to our system, especially when the body operates out of balance. If imbalances and immobility are ignored, we build compensation patterns, causing a cycle of more dysfunction and increasing the potential for injury.

This Workshop Series will teach you how to unlock and mobilize each region of the body, from your head to your heels. Our initial workshop will assess posture, gait cycle, and movement patterns, and offer insights on how to optimize them through verbal cues and hands-on adjustments. Following workshops will focus on techniques for releasing tension while strengthening the mind-muscle connection to make verbal cues more effective for postural awareness.

Each session will use our Yamunua massage balls, available during your visit to the studio. These can also be purchased so you can take your knowledge home for further practice and self-care. The Face & Jaw session requires your own personal Face Ball Kit, available from the studio for $40. 


Sign up using the links above, or visit us through the Mindbody app or our own ZAKTi app, which you can find on the Apple Store or Google Play


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