What's Functional Fitness?

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Our 3-phase Body Architecture model is based in functional fitness.

We realize this is a buzzword these days, however, most of the people using it have no idea what they are talking about. To break it down simply, we educate you to perform the functions that you evolved to perform: walk, stand, squat, hinge, push, pull. Then we apply that education at an intensity level that accomplishes your personal fitness goals, whether that is to run a marathon, live pain-free, or maintain a high general level of health and fitness.  

In your day (as well as your workout) you will stand, walk, hinge, squat, lunge,  push, pull, and you do it all on two feet. There is no rule book on how to perform these motions to perfection, but there certainly is a way to perform them that makes you stronger, and a way to perform that leads to unnecessary wear or eventual injury.

By obeying the biology of being human in regards to movement and nourishment, you will be greeted with increased energy levels, strength, power, and mobility. If you can learn how to optimize the foundational (functional) movements of a human being, everything you see in your day-to-day seems to become simpler and less daunting. This means workouts yield faster results, workdays become more effective and efficient, and weekend plans to hike the mountain are more accessible.

Move toward fitness,

Conor Millstein


Conor Millstein