Client Story- Sara M.


Librarian  / Equestrian
62 y.o.

I came to ZAKTi after I fell off my horse and landed on my side. No outward bruises, but I was limping and sore, and my sacral bones felt like they were grinding together. After weeks of pain, I sought medical help, but nothing was improving. 

I saw a ZAKTi video on FB and immediately thought, “That’s for me!”…

…I was pain free in just 2 Sessions. 

Now I am:
1. Fit,  Strong, and Aware of my body ( especially my feet! 👣 )
2. I apply my ZAKTi Education to daily life.
3. I AM FREE to perform all of my favorite activities- especially horseback riding! 

Sara's Z! Journey:
1. Z!4 System
2. Small Group Training Program
3. Urban Athletes Series
4. Monthly Body Logic "Tune Ups"


Pete Mattis