Yamuna Foot Fitness Level 1 Workshop


Many unnecessary injuries in the knees, hips and lower back are caused by a lack of foundation, strength, and mobility in the feet. Daily fitness, function, and sports performance will go as far as your feet will let you!

Learn the solution for rebuilding healthy, strong, flexible and aligned feet. Understand foot problems and their relationship to alignment and function of the rest of the body. Learn the importance of integrating foot fitness into your present practice and allow your feet to carry you through any obstacle.

Highlights of this jam-packed 50-minute Workshop:

  • Assess current posture and gait
  • Learn your optimal posture and gait
  • Learn Level 1 Foot Fitness exercises
  • Re-assessment of posture and gait post session
  • Understand the connection between foot problems and overall body function
  • Learn how to integrate foot fitness into your present fitness regimen

$35 Non Members
$25 Members
$25 Members Guest
Pain Free Feet = Priceless


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