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Pete Mattis

Pete Mattis is a formally trained architect who practiced in Philadelphia and NYC for 10 years. (During and) after leaving architecture, he logged thousands of hours of formal training in yoga, corrective Exercise, structural body work, and meditation—studying with some of the world’s leading masters.

With over 20 years of practice and experience, he’s helped thousands of people nationwide and internationally. His ZAKTi Practitioner Training Program has trained and mentored several practitioners who have successfully opened their own private training studios.

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Conor Millstein

Conor has balanced expertise in functional exercise, corrective exercise, sports training, weight loss, strength training, body building, and total body fitness. He has an MBA from Loyola University and his training certification is from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Using his extensive, diverse education, and infectious energy for life, Conor delivers exceptional results. He's also a pre-med at Jefferson, so yeah, there's that too. 

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Alex Lukens

Alex is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and martial artist with over 15 years experience with Korean Tang Soo Do, Wu Tan Kung Fu, and Guided Chaos (a defense style created in 1978 by John Perkins) giving him unique perspective in fitness & movement. Alex is constantly seeking and exploring abstract principles of intelligent body movement and ultimately attempting to bring flow, grace and style in a modern fitness environment.

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ROya Sufrin

Roya found yoga and meditation as a walk-in to a class taught by Pete in 2010, and has been a passionate practitioner ever since. A RYT-200 hour certified yoga instructor since 2015, as well as a former gymnast and fitness enthusiast, she links breath and body movement to bring energy, focus, better sleep, and healthier habits to every day life. Her practice promotes growth, openness, and positivity to all aspects of her life and her family as well.

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Tim Beitz

Tim contributes business strategy and design when not throwing heavy objects against the wall.